The UFBMRA Executive Council’s commitment to the UFBMRA’s Mission means that our energy and resources are directed to;

  • Consolidate cooperation within the Association and its membership with an enforceable code of conduct. These may include; enhanced professionalism, mergers, zoning, increased capitalization, shared common services and automation.
  • Embrace technological developments through initiatives, partnerships, collaborations and research that promote secure and affordable financial services.
  • Members should focus on providing holistic financial services and products preferably on shared digital platforms to reduce the cost of doing business.
  • Develop a 5-year Strategic Plan, 2019 to 2024 with robust structures that can attract external development funding for the Association.
  • Engage policy makers with water tight and well researched proposals.
  • Consolidating the Good Practice of the Uganda Forex Bureau and Money Remittance Association

  • Dissemination of information to members and the general public through publications, which include the Forex Magazine, and the News Internal Bulletin,